for a new dentist?

Our family oriented dental clinic welcomes patients of all ages. We have gone out of our way to make sure we provide a comprehensive range of treatments to suit everyone’s dental needs.  

Sunshine Dental Clinic provides a complete range of general and preventative dental treatments for everyone. Our range of cosmetic dental treatments will help you gain the smile you desire. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular and we provide every treatment required, including image guided surgery and the very latest bone grafting techniques.  


Our dental clinic is equipped with the latest technology, guaranteeing you a high quality of care. The dentists are all specially trained to perform complicated and expensive treatments. You will see that at Sunshine Dental Clinic, we put the patient’s comfort and well being first.  

We have invested into the very latest dental equipment and our approach towards sedation dentistry helps differentiate us from other dental clinics in this area. Unlike most dental clinics, our sedation equipment is built-in and is of the highest standards.

Our aim is always to meet and preferably exceed your dental needs and have more holistic approach. Every treatment at Sunshine Dental Clinic is fully customised to provide the very best results for you. With Sunshine Dental Clinic philosophy, our dentist dedicates plenty of time to discuss various treatment options for your individual treatment needs.  

latest advances AND constant care 

We will be your trust-worthy partner, helping you keep your mouth and gums healthy and strong. Whether you want your teeth straightened or require treatment for dental complications, we are here to help. Our dental surgeons possess both experience and expertise in different fields of dentistry and can help you with the right treatment for your oral problems.

We will solve oral problems helping you towards solutions for:

 A beautiful and gorgeous smile

 Tooth decay and gingivitis

  Fewer fillings

 Maintenance and improved dental health for life


We are committed to always offer you a treatment to suit your specific situation. When you come to the clinic for the first time, we build a long-term treatment plan that helps to ensure clean, strong and healthy teeth for life. The treatment plan will always be based on your individual needs and desires.

From your very first contact with us, we want your dental journey to be an enjoyable one, so we will always treat you with courtesy, professionalism and care.